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Corporate Air, a Montana corporation, was founded in 1981 . In the beginning, the company's revenue was derived from flying a single freight route from Billings, Montana to Helena, Montana. Since that time, Corporate Air has grown to an impressive level.  The company owns and operates maintenance facilities throughout Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Utah, and Hawaii.

Corporate Air specializes in air services offering feeder airline cargo service and is a certified Commercial Operator and Air Carrier under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Act.  Corporate Air operates on a regularly scheduled basis and has the authority to do so anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Corporate Air believes in supporting the communities in which it operates.  We were recognized as the Outstanding Corporation for the year 2000 - Philanthropy Award.               
In addition to contract operations, Corporate Air offers freight charter services. Advanced training is provided to pilots, mechanics, dispatch personnel and line service technicians. Corporate Air is also an established Third-Party Operations Consultant; maintaining the technology, aircraft and expertise necessary to fulfill the requirements of developing cargo and passenger operations.




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Corporate Air's desire is to expand its services, while continually improving existing operations. Emphasis is placed on the commitment to the basic wants and needs of its customers and employees, as well as benefiting the communities where it operates in a positive manner. Through leadership, support and training, Corporate Air strives to ensure social and economic growth, strengthening the future of all involved.

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Linda Overstreet President and Chief Executive Officer
Mike Overstreet Vice President International Relations
Robert McIver Vice President and Director of Operations
Bjorn Strand Safety Officer/Insurance and Risk Management
Dale Nelson Chief Pilot
Wade Maurer Director of Maintenance